About SB Wellness

Boasting a flagship training space in Mayfair as well as other state of the art facilities around London, SB Wellness works with clients providing plenty of opportunity to fit training into their busy schedules.

Their shared belief in the power of functional movement patterns is at the centre of every client’s bespoke training programme. This, complemented with a tailored approach to nutrition, means the SB Wellness programmes set every client up for ultimate success in achieving their fitness and well-being goals.

The team have many training specific qualifications and consult each other regularly to ensure their programmes stay up-to-date, ensuring clients get the most out of their sessions. With such a strong, diverse and experienced team by their side, clients achieve long-term results through personalised, challenging and constantly varied workouts.

Whether you are looking to improve your general wellbeing or train for a specific event, we believe we have the right expert on hand to guide you through this journey.


We understand that each client comes to us with a wide range of goals and set of unique circumstances. Whilst the team will advise on how best to achieve their goals, ultimately the clients can choose how they prefer to train. With sessions based in several locations in and around London, it offers clients the flexibility they need to keep their programmes realistic and achievable.
Each package begins with a full consultation, to ensure the wellbeing, goals and lifestyle of each client is properly assessed.
Nutrition is a key part of programme design so we are delighted to have Matt Lovell on hand to guide clients in this area, in a way that works for you.
As firm believers in providing clients with the best service possible, SB Wellness has partnered with Twenty-Five Harley Street to capture client data.
We understand that gyms can sometimes appear intimidating or boring so we focus on creating inviting spaces that everyone can feel comfortable in.
Yoga and meditation have been proven to help improve health, physical strains and pains, posture and general wellbeing.

"I've had the pleasure of training twice a week with Stuart for ten years. He has designed and evolved specific programmes for me that support my goals of staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight. Stuart constantly updates his approach with new thinking and techniques to deliver results and keep sessions interesting. While each session is demanding and challenging, we have built a rapport that means an hour's training is never a chore."

- Phil, CEO


Our services are available at a number of discreet locations across London offering the ideal space to work out and boasting the latest Technogym equipment to cater for all exercise needs. All locations have disabled access and many have been recently refurbished by SB Wellness.