Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

As firm believers in providing clients with the best service possible, SB Wellness has partnered with Twenty-Five Harley Street.

At Twenty-Five Harley Street you will find some of the country’s leading private consultants and doctors with on-site diagnostics including a full body DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) body scanner.

The DEXA Scanner is equipped with “Advanced Body Composition” capabilities, the perfect solution for SB Wellness to capture client data before, during and after training/nutrition programmes. A DEXA body composition scan is especially useful for those who exercise regularly, providing an accurate measurement of the fat and lean muscle around the body, enabling our trainers to create a more specific programme to achieve better results.

On hand to analyse each client’s DEXA scan result and work with our team of trainers is Medical Director, Consultant Rheumatologist and Osteoporosis specialist Professor David Reid.

"With SB Wellness all aspects of health, fitness and lifestyle are covered by applying a bespoke approach to programme and session design. We believe in reinforcing consistency rather than fad to achieve long term attainable results."

- Stuart Balkham