Wellbeing Packages

Wellbeing Packages

SB Wellness offers two packages to suit each client. The essential package is designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, fitting in with a busy schedule. The enhanced package is a 3 month intensive programme ideal for those looking for significant changes in body composition. Both packages can be renewed year round to keep a consistent training routine.

Each package begins with a full consultation, to ensure the wellbeing of each client is properly assessed. A member of our team will meet with the client to discuss their goals and lifestyle, before referring them to a clinic on Harley St for an advanced body composition analysis. This analysis provides experts with detailed information on the make-up of an individual’s body and fitness levels as well as identifying potential risks.

Nutrition is a key part of programme design so we are delighted to have Matt Lovell on hand to guide clients in this area via face to face meetings, scheduled phone calls and online follow up support. Where required, bloods and additional hormone and other testing (e.g. tolerances) can be arranged.

Essential Wellbeing Package

Initial Consultation and body composition scan at 25 Harley Street.

15 training sessions (each lasting 60 minutes).

Diet plan from leading Nutritionist, Matt Lovell.

Enhanced Wellbeing Package

Initial Consultation with body composition scan.

36 training sessions, minimum of 3 per week (each lasting 60 minutes).

Weekly call from Matt Lovell to follow progress and answer any questions.

Text/phone support from trainer including practical suggestions and constant motivation to help guide individuals through training.

Follow up consultation and body scan to see results.

"Ben Kilner is a phenomenal personal trainer. His training as a physio has given him a brilliant understanding of the workings of the human body, which makes him particularly capable at designing training programmes, but also coping with injuries both old and new and enabling you to keep training, where possible. He also has a great understanding of an individual's wider goals and how elements such as nutrition and general lifestyle can be built into training regimes. He has a wonderfully positive and fun personality which makes every train session something to look forward to rather than dread!"

- Simon, Managing Director