Nutrition is a key part of every programme and is often the reason why goals are not achieved. SB Wellness are delighted to be supported by Matt Lovell, leading Nutrition Specialist. Matt works with all SB Wellness clients to support them through their programmes.

Nutrition Packages are tailored to suit each individual and their lifestyle, encouraging clients to be fully self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Regular support is available via phone, email or face-to-face and programmes usually last 3 months allowing time for behaviour changes to be implemented and results to be seen.

Bloods and additional hormone and other testing e.g. intolerances can be arranged if necessary.

In my eyes, how you look after you your body goes a long way to defining who you are and what you are really about. It speaks volumes about how you see life and what sort of difference you feel you can make in it.

Matt Lovell helped me to look at life like this. I had tried to do the right thing up until meeting Matt 10 years ago but I learned there was more.

Matt, through his professionalism, knowledge, his desire to research and ultimately through his friendship helped me find another level in how I perform in all areas of life.

With inappropriate and often insufficient nutritional routines I used to waste so much hard work that I put into my training and preparation. Now, with his help my performance continues to be maximised.

- JONNY WILKINSON, Rugby World Cup Winner