Gym Design & Consultancy

Gym Design and Consultancy

SB Wellness believe the space you train in is as important as the trainer you work with. In our years of experience, we have found that the best results are achieved working in an exciting space that motivates and encourages you to want to train. We understand that gyms can sometimes feel intimidating or boring, so we focus on creating atmospheric, inviting spaces that everyone can feel comfortable in, featuring up-to-date equipment that clients enjoy using.

SB Wellness appreciate the fantastic benefits exercise has on health, both mentally and physically. We have seen first-hand how corporate gyms can build better working relationships amongst staff. SB Wellness offer a gym management service, taking care of all the day-to-day gym requirements from sourcing personal trainers to taking care of maintenance and cleaning. We work with you to design a space suitable for the needs of your employees and help ensure the gym remains a place that employees see as a great benefit to their employment package. We can work with an existing gym, updating where necessary, or we can create a new facility to suit the needs of the company and staff.

"With SB Wellness all aspects of health, fitness and lifestyle are covered by applying a bespoke approach to programme and session design. We believe in reinforcing consistency rather than fad to achieve long term attainable results."

- Stuart Balkham